Katrina is head trainer out of a beautiful 470+ Acre facility just 10 minutes east of the interstate in Troy, Texas. 
Deer Creek Equestrian Center is a perfect central location for horsemanship and riding instruction. DCEC is located south of Waco, and north of Belton, Temple, and Killeen, Texas. 

- Large & Small Dressage Arena's
- Large 150' x 250' Jump Arena
- 450+ Acres of trails to ride on
- Round Pen
- Full XC Jump Course (Coming Soon!)
- Full Stadium Jump Course
- Obstacles

Haul in fee for non-boarders = $10.00

Deer Creek Equestrian Center

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Essential oils are freaks of nature. In short, they are intelligent little cells that go exactly where they are needed.  They are the brain of plants.  They know when to close wounds, get rid of infection in a plant, and help align it and re code cells. Crazy right?!  Scents also can trigger memories or the chemistry in our brains.  Which is why some scents can calm a horse or human and help release tension.  Cool right?! 

How they work