Online Coaching & Classes

Online Lessons and coaching is a great way to get instruction without having to live local, or flying me into your location on a weekly basis! Online lessons can be done a few different way's. On Skype, Zoom, on a Pivo, Facetime, Pixem/Pixio, or through a video sent that we critique together!

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Private Lessons

Problem Solving & Trailer Loading

Tricks + liberty 



Whether your horse struggles with bridling, trailer loading, mounting, ect. A problem is a problem.

Usually this stems from a few different reasons, But it's my job to help you bridge the gap and find harmony and confidence e with your horse! Learn a new way to approach the skill you are struggling with, and I'll give you homework so you can continue working on your own!

- Problem Solving + Trailer Loading sessions start at $95.00

- We spend usually 2 hours of time figuring out what the problem is, and coming up with a plan how to get your horse on the right track.

"When you take off the halter and the bridle, you are left with the truth." - Pat Parelli

There is nothing cooler than having your horse stay with you when it doesn't have to. 

Learn the basics of liberty, how to advance your liberty to the next level, and how to teach tricks without ropes or force.

Horsemanship includes groundwork, under saddle, Trail rides, ect.   All riding lessons are based on the foundation of bettering your communication with your horse.

Happy Horses = Happy riders

Start your horse off right by building a foundation from the ground up!

Are your dreams to compete with your horse in dressage, eventing, or showjumping?  Do you want an approach that focuses on building your horses confidence and uses psychology to teach your horse?

If so, I offer specialized lessons for all of these disciplines at the lower levels!

- Training/ 1st Level Dressage
- Smurf/BN/Novice
- up to 2'9" Jumpers
- D1-C1 prep for Pony Club Ratings

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Clinics + Public Speaking

Clinics are a great way to build community, learn from watching, and get lots of information packed into a short time at a discounted price.   All my clinics have extensive Q&A sessions, reviews, and receive handouts to write notes and follow along with the agenda of the day.

Clinics are offered in a wide variety of topics, included, but not limited to the specialized topics below...  

- Trailer Loading 
- Leveling up your Horsemanship: Bridling, leading, groundwork and more.
- Ground Work Intensive
- Liberty Basics
- Advanced Liberty
- Trick Training
- Problem Solving Intensives 
- Leadership Training for your BARN TEAM
- Teaching Intensive: Level up your instruction skills and become the teacher your students dream of.

Average Clinic Price per participant $150.00

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