Do Nothing With Your Horse…

Do nothing… more…

There is a rotation I go through with all the horses that usually adds up to heavy weeks on fitness, some heavy on skills, and some heavy on doing close to nothing compared to cultural standards.  But over the years I’ve found that in a lot of way’s, doing NOTHING almost gives me MORE than when I practice over and over again.  Sometimes, my horse and I gain more by just standing in the middle of the arena vs cantering perfect 20 meter circles.  

I believe we sometimes allow the world to put too much pressure on us to always be busy. In life, work, hobbies, in our relationships, ect Even in our stuff.  Clutter is the new norm in our culture. So take that all away. 

Practice spending time just being with your horses, take them to the arena and just stand, watch the wind, the trees, study your horses eyes, ears, lips, close your eyes and listen to them breath.  I can’t quite put it into words, but every time I remember to do this, whether it’s an entire “session” with my horses or 5 minutes at the end of a workout, without fail the next day my horses are softer, more willing, and more engaged. 

So this week, carve out some time to do nothing. 



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